Fandads Holiday Gift Guide Part 2

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Welcome back to Part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide. This go round we will talk about toys, books, and experiences for your children. So let’s begin!
For the Book Lover

Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years

If you are a fan of what Marvel Studios has been doing these past 10 years, you will want to add this Marvel Studios: The First 10 Years to your holiday list. This book covers the first 10 years with interviews from the stars of all the Marvel movies. This will make a great addition to your library. 
How to Feed Your Parents
We have read the stories where the parents have to find creative ways to get their children to eat, but not in Ryan Miller’s How to Feed your Parents. In this fun story, Matilda is the one that wants to eat better and her parents only eat junk food. Reading this book with your children might make them want to try some new things and there is even a recipe included in the book. 
The Walking Dead 

Before The Walking Dead became an acclaimed television series is was an acclaimed comic book. While the television series follows the comic in some ways, it is great to read the original source and see how different and sometimes better the comic book is. If you have a fan of horror in your family, this series will make a great gift. 
Toy, Toys, Toys!

Avengers Hero Inventor Kit
Last years big STEM gift was the Droid Inventor Kit that had your children building their own R2D2 unit. This year your child can be an Avenger. The Avenger Hero Kit will have your child creating their own inventions! With Iron Man as your guide, create and customize your own hero gear. CREATE: Build your own high tech hero gauntlet with Iron Man. PLAY: Step into your hero training. Code new powers. Use your smart device to control your abilities. INVENT: Join the Avengers team and use your creativity to design your own hero identity and gear to match.
Zoom Tubes

At this years CHITag my son had a lot of fun with these Zoom Tubes Car Trax. These race tracks remind me of the old RC cars of my days. The cool thing about these though, is that the car does not fly off the track if you are going too fast. Another awesome thing about these tracks is that you can buy expansion sets so you can build some amazing courses around your house. 
Story Dealer

We talked about this game in our ChiTag recap and we wanted to bring it up again. With Story Dealer you create STEM tales or STEAM stories with lively illustrated storytelling cards designed to highlight thinking in: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Colorful cards depict robots, science-labs, space travel, inventions, clocks, gizmos,  space-pets, tools, and more! This game will help your child’s imagination, but also showcase the inner storyteller in them. Get your deck today here and see the other games that they have. 

Spartan Race Kids 

While gifts are a great thing to get your children for the holidays, another great thing to give them is an awesome experience that helps build character. Spartan Races are fantastic to show your children that they can accomplish anything if they work hard for it. My daughter has done about five of these and last year my son was hooked after his first race. It’s a great way for them to get out of their comfort zone and just get a little dirty. Find a race near you and sign your children up today. 
Swimming or Art Classes

Getting your child something that will help them in life is a great gift too! My daughter took swimming lessons at day camp and the great thing was that it helped with her fear of swimming. I am not saying she is a fish now when it comes to swimming, but those lessons helped her to become comfortable in the swimming pool. Look in your area to find local parks or schools that will teach your children how to swim and give them that gift that might help them in life one day. Goldfish Swim School is one to look into if you are looking for good schools. 
If your child loves to draw, encourage that by having them take an art class and maybe take one with them too. I remember when I was younger I used to love watching my father draw and always wished I had his talent, maybe I just need to try again. If you are in the Chicago-area look into the One River Schools
We hope you find a great gift for the people in your lives in our Holiday Gift Guides. Until next time, have a great Holiday Season! 
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