Cartoon Network Arcade launches today!!

Cartoon Network fans, today a new app was released that will keep you entertained for hours. The Cartoon Network Arcade launches today and you have to get your hands on it. Let us tell you why.

With the new Cartoon Network Arcade app fans can play an assortment of all-new mobile games and collect over 60 digital figures and more. Cartoon Network Arcade features the largest library of pick-up-and-play games ever based on CN’s universe of award-winning animated series in one place. The app is available now and free to download in the United States on iOS and Android via the App Store and Google Play.

The app also offers a new way to discover and connect to all things Cartoon Network. A key component of Cartoon Network Arcade involves collection building to give fans a more active viewing experience. By pressing “Collect” when watching a CN show, the app recognizes the episode giving fans the opportunity to discover one of a growing number of collectible characters from fan-favorite series like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go! and more.
The LEGO Group is onboard as launch sponsor with their LEGO® NINJAGO® and LEGO City brands to award fans with an exclusive CN figure. Plus, the first sets of figures from CN’s newest show, Victor and Valentino are also available. The Victor and Valentino figures include the main characters and various mythological creatures introduced in the premiere episode streaming now on the CN app and VOD.
 Cartoon Network Arcade will regularly add new games and collectible figures for fans to enjoy. Players will be able to quest for unique figure collections tied to on-air events and even vote for which games or figures they want to see next.

The list of games available to play today includes:
The Amazing World of Gumball – Gumball’s Block Party: Climb as high as you can to stay ahead of the collapsing blocks. Collect and play as five Gumball characters.
Apple and Onion – Bottle Catch: Toss bottles back and forth between Apple and Onion to build up speed, then launch them into the air to collect coins.
Adventure Time – Rainicorn’s Flying Colors: Match rows of cards to clear the board. Unlock 32 unique Adventure Time characters.
Ben 10 – Brains vs Bugs: Run, jump and climb as Grey Matter races after the Bugg Brothers.
Craig of the Creek – Camp Cardboard: Tap to accumulate resources and help Craig build the best cardboard fort ever.             
OK K.O.! Let’s Play Heroes – Go KO!: Run and dodge with K.O. through an endless stream of Jethros, then turn into T.K.O. to bust up some robots.
The Powerpuff Girls – Rainbow Wreckers: Help the Powerpuff Girls blast through Allegro’s rainbows in this quick-reflex color-matching game.                          
Steven Universe – Shattered Dreams: Jump and slide your way through Steven’s worst nightmares in this fast-paced endless runner.
Summer Camp Island – Contagious Cuteness: Start a magical chain reaction. How long can you keep the cuteness going?                                            
Teen Titans Go! – Smashy Piñata: It’s Beast Boy’s birthday! Keep hitting the pinata in the air to see how much candy you can get.                             
Teen Titans Go! – Teen Titans GOAL!: Tap to kick the ball, score goals, and defeat the soccer trolls. Rack up coins to unlock all five Titans! 
We Bare Bears – Stack Tracks: Keep the bear stack on the right track by rotating tiles in the path and using power-ups from their friends.         

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