Taking on new adventures with Kim Possible! “giveaway”

Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided with an advance copy of Kim Possible in exchange for a review and giveaway.  All thoughts, opinions, and flashbacks to the old cartoon are our own. 

Ok, let’s start this off by stating the obvious. This movie is made for today’s generation of children who have never seen the original cartoon series. This movie will probably entertain them at most and at the same time get some eye-rolls from adults who loved the cartoon. Now, the movie does have it’s fun moments and hopefully, it will lead to your children wanting to see the original cartoon themselves.

I grew up watching Kim Possible, now while I was not a hardcore fan, I knew enough about the series to watch the movie with an open mind. The movie is a lot of fun, in the way that most Disney movies are fun. There is silly humor, silly characters and some scenes that make you scratch your head and make you just giggle at how silly that was.

All of the familiar characters from the cartoon are here and it is kind of interesting to see the live-action version of them. Everything is pretty much the same, right down to the naked mole-rat, but it is strange to see it in real life.

Your kids will enjoy the movie and it is a fun movie to watch. If you grew up loving the cartoon series you might get a few laughs watching this.

Kim Possible is now available to own on DVD.

Based on the global hit animated series, the live-action “Kim Possible” Disney Channel Original Movie follows everyday teen hero Kim Possible and best friend and sidekick Ron Stoppable as they embark on their freshman year of high school, all while saving the world from evil villains. By their side every step of the way is teen tech-genius Wade and new friend Athena, who also happens to be a Kim Possible super fan and is eager to join Team Possible. While Kim and Ron have always been one step ahead of their opponents, navigating the social hierarchy of high school is more challenging than the action-hero ever imagined. With Drakken and Shego lurking in the wings, Kim must rely on her family and friends more than ever. Now it’s up to Team Possible—Kim, Ron, tech-genius Wade, new friend Athena and Rufus, a naked mole-rat that Ron meets along the way—to stop these super villains.

Bonus Features:
Blooper Reel (DVD exclusive)
Q&A with Sadie Stanley and Sean Giambrone (DVD exclusive)
Cast Auditions (DVD exclusive)
-Sadie Stanley
-Sean Giambrone
-Issac Ryan Brown
Music Video

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