Dad jokes make the world go round! #sponsored

Disclaimer: The Fandads have teamed up with Laffy Taffy for this post. All thoughts, opinions, and, corny fantastic jokes are our own. 
You see the picture above? You see how sad and unhappy the children look? The reason for this look is that these children have not heard a good dad joke in a few hours. Yeah, Dad jokes get a bad rap, but when told at the right time, it can either make your children laugh or cringe and walk away from you. Now, if you fancy yourself a master of dad jokes we have a contest for you from our friends at Laffy Taffy. 

If you have children that love candy and corny jokes then you should already know that Laffy Taffy is the candy to go to for that. We have all read the jokes that are on the wrappers and might have said to ourselves, “I have a joke that can be on a Laffy Taffy wrapper!”. Well if you do then keep reading to see how you can have your own joke on a wrapper, but before you submit your joke, let’s make sure you are ready. 
As a dad, it is our right to make jokes to lighten up the days for our children. We have to try to use laughter to make a bad day into a good one. I think I have a few good jokes that make my children laugh, but I think I am more a master of puns. My daughter is not a fan of my puns…or my jokes…matter of fact, I don’t think that she laughs at my jokes anymore…, excuse me while I cry in the corner for a minute. 
Ok, back to the funny. So what makes a good dad joke? I think it is made up of three things: Set up, delivery and punchline (yeah, I think that goes for every joke, but just play along with me). Let’s break it down.
1. Set up – When do you tell the joke? When your daughter is studying for a Math test and you want to give her a break or when your son is watching his favorite cartoon and you stand between him and the television? Any of these two situations would be great. 
2. Delivery – If you are not excited when telling your joke it will not work, but if you are too excited you might scare your kids and they will call their mother saying you are acting weird. You need to find a medium level of excitement. Think Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas, not Nicholas Cage in The Wicker Man. 
Get it? SkyWalk-er!

3. The punchline – If your children are still in the room with you when you get to the punchline, say it with a smile on your face. It also helps if you put your own drum sound when you finish so they will know the joke is over. If you get a laugh, then you did great. If you get a groan and eye roll, then you did fantastically.

Here are a few to get you started:

1. Why did Han accept dinner with Vader?
     Because he did not want to eat “Solo”!

2. If two chickens cross the street at the same time what is that called?
   A traffic jam

3. What did the moon say to Saturn?
   Give me a ring sometime.

Alright, dads here is where your jokes come in. Do you think you have a joke that is worthy of being on a Laffy Taffy wrapper and a $2000 Amazon prize pack? If you think you have the right stuff go to between June 7 and 21st and enter your joke. Who knows, maybe you will get your joke printed and have other children eye roll at your joke and not just your own.

Good luck to all and let see those smiles!

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