Dressing in Style on Triple Force Friday with Cufflinks.com

Disclaimer: The Fandads were provided with products to review from Cufflinks.com. There are affiliate links in this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own. No Porgs were harmed in the writing of this post. 
Today is the big day for those in the Star Wars community It’s Triple Force Friday! So why the title? What makes this day stronger to the third degree? Well, today we see the arrival of new merchandise for the movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the video game, Star Wars: Fallen Order, and the new television series: The Mandalorian. Now while it is great to have some of this new merchandise, you also have to make sure you look your best when you see the latest installment of Star Wars. This is where Cufflinks.com comes in. 

For Triple Force Friday you can get 20% off your purchase when you use the exclusive code “FORCE20“. As a father, a geek, and a Star Wars fan I love the collection of Star Wars ties and socks that is available on the site. This is not the first time we have talked about Cufflinks.com, (you can see some of our coverage here and here) this is a shop that we have been purchasing from when we first heard about their Star Wars collection and have been lucky to work with them to promote their items.

Here are a few items we received from our friends at Cufflnks.com and why we enjoy them. 
Father and Son Yoda Necktie Gift Set

A few years ago we got a Star Wars bow-tie for my son that was pretty awesome. I always wanted to get a matching set for both of us and we received this fantastic father and son tie set. Now while they have a Darth Vader set, our family leans more to the Light Side of the Force. Who do you think wore the Yoda tie better? 

Porg Dot Grey Men’s Tie

My daughter is a huge fan of Porgs and when I saw this tie I knew I had to get it. I love how the Porg is so subtle on the tie. When you look at it you see something, but once you get closer you can make out what it is. People will have to do a double-take to make sure they saw what they saw and that can be a great conversation starter. Porgs are life!

Mod Sock Gift Set

On my personal Instagram page, I post pictures every now and then about the socks I wear. What can I say, I’m a sock person. I love how they are a form of expression, but people never really notice them. These Star Wars socks are going to be great for my collection of socks. They are soft and comfortable and knowing me, I might wear one Chewie and one Falcon at the same time. If you are not a fan of these characters, which I know is impossible, there are other characters available from Boba Fett to Yoda. I’m sure you will find a pair that you love. 
Do you have a formal event coming up? Do you love dressing up and showing your love for Star Wars? If you answered yes to these questions, click the link below and check out the Star Wars Collection at cufflinks.com. Remember to use the code “FORCE20” to save on your purchase. 
Cufflinks.com Star Wars Banners
Thanks for reading and share with us in the comments what are your favorite items from the collection.
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