Learning to Adult with Richard Sherman

Growing up in the neighborhood I grew up in there were certain people you looked up to. The neighbor who had the cool Trans-Am. The one kid who had the exotic animals and the neighborhood gangbangers who did not take crap from anyone. Not really good role models if you think about it, but I still learned a thing or two from them.
Being a teacher, I always made it a point to not only teach my students the daily lessons but I tried to teach them life lessons also. Teach them not only about writing but how that writing can help them in the real world. Show them that the way they interact with each other can help them in life after school is over. This new series by Richard Sherman is something that I wish I was able to do with my students and I am glad that he is doing this to help those that might need it.

Million Stories Media is proud to announce “Adulting with Richard Sherman”, a 12-episode digital series showcasing the San Francisco 49er’s captain coaching young people through ‘adult’ financial decisions. From buying a car, creating a budget, to getting a first apartment, Sherman breaks down his tips and strategies for financial success using his signature no-nonsense, straight-talk personality. 

Million Stories Media, a project of the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship, is a new lifestyle and entertainment channel that offers a wide variety of original programming with a focus on career, money, family and issues that young Americans face today. By using the power of entertainment, the digital channel aims to break down the taboo of talking about finances, change the perception that financial issues are boring and empower a generation to become CEOs of their lives.

In addition to taking the 49ers to the championship game, Richard Sherman has been nominated for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award which highlights a player’s volunteer and charitable work as well as their success on the field. His involvement with Million Stories Media is one more reason why Richard Sherman is a hero both in and out of the game.

“Richard Sherman is the perfect choice to headline ‘Adulting’,” said Shelley Miles, CEO of the Singleton Foundation. “His personality, personal story, and likability will draw in viewers and his passion for financial matters will help get young people interested in their own financial futures. He connects with our foundation mission on so many levels and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on board.”

Million Stories Media launches this spring, but viewers can catch a sneak peek of “Adulting with Richard Sherman” at www.millionstories.com

About Million Stories Media
Million Stories is designed to inspire, entertain and transform money talk from boring and taboo to something compelling and socially relevant. Told in short form, bite-sized episodes, there is something for everyone. From laugh out loud comedy to thoughtful and relatable reality, the channel will offer a broad and highly relevant array of content.

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