Doodle Boy X Kidrobot Collaboration

Kidrobot always does some great collaborations and their new one is one your entire family can enjoy and it might also give the children in your household some inspiration.

Kidrobot is partnering up with The Doodle Boy on their new Dunny. If you never heard of The Doodle Boy, check out what he has to say about this collaboration.
Hey… My name is Joe Whale and I’m also known as ‘The Doodle Boy’ – I am 10 years old and live in Shrewsbury in the UK and my most favourite thing to do is DOODLE. I have loved art since I was about 4 years old but I started drawing in a doodle/cartoon style when I was about 6 and absolutely love it. When I doodle it makes me feel like the happiest person in the world because I can express myself fully as there is no right or wrong in art. 

When I was asked to collaborate with Kidrobot and design a Doodle Boy Dunny for Loot Launcher I was so excited… lots of really great artists have collaborated with Kidrobot in the past so it was a great honour!!! I enjoyed every moment of the design process and I’m really happy with how the finished piece looks!!! 
The 8” Doodle Boy Dunny will ship Fall 2020 and will cost $59.99 plus shipping and handling. Supporters will only be charged once the Dunny has met or exceeded its goal of 300 backers by May 24. Hopefully, you will enjoy this special edition Kidrobot Doodle Boy Dunny by Loot Launcher I designed – I also hope it makes you smile!
You can back this specially designed Loot Launcher Doodle Boy Dunny here.  

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