Learning to help with the Helpsters

Parents, in these days of Shelter-at-Home and e-learning, we are trying to find ways to keep our children busy and learning how to interact with people other than the ones they are living with. Here to help you is the newest creation from the makers of Sesame Street, Helpsters Help You.

So who are the Helpsters and what do they do? Well, let’s look at the official word from Apple TV+.

“Meet Cody and the Helpsters, a team of vibrant monsters who love to solve problems. Cody knows that everything starts with a plan. But sometimes things change and you have to make a new one! Cody and the Helpsters share creative ideas for what to do when life doesn’t go as expected.”

I think this is something our children need to see during these times to keep a positive outlook on our current situation and also learn some valuable life lessons. You can stream a free episode of Helpster Help You here and if you are an Apple TV+ subscriber you can enjoy all of the episodes exclusively through the app.

Looking for something to help supplement the show? We have a fun activity packet that has coloring pages, song lyrics, crafts, and games that can keep your child entertained. If you feel you want a little taste of what the show has to offer you can check out their shorts on their YouTube Channel.
So parents, what are you waiting for? After your child is done with their e-class have them check out Helpster Help You!  After they have watched a few episodes share with us, on our social media pages, pictures of your family doing an activity together or comment below who is your favorite Helpster and what activity you enjoyed doing using the hashtag: #HelpstersHelpYou
The Helpsters is a great way to show our children that helping out in any way they can is an important skill to have and it can also bring joy to their lives. 

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