Rumbling with Wubble Rumblers and Fuzzy Jigglers

Disclaimer: The Fandads were compensated and received the product for this review. All thoughts, opinions, and epic wrestling/karate matches are our own.


Friends, being home all day with your children sometimes gets frustrating. You see the energy building up inside of them and don’t really want them to go outside on their own for their safety. So what are you to do? Well, if you have some space in your house you can let your children let off their energy by having wrestling/karate matches with Wubble Rumblers! 
Wubble Rumblers are fun inflatable characters that you can blow up and have fun with around the house. Now if the words “inflatable” and “blow-up” scare you, don’t worry, these toys come with their own pump to inflate them with ease. I know that was the first thing that came through my mind when these items arrived and I was glad when I saw the “pump included” message on the box! 
We were lucky to receive the Wrestler, Ninja, and Fist to review and these were a lot of fun to play with. My son recently got into wrestling and now he has a partner to practice some wrestling moves on. (My back is very thankful for this.) I would not recommend jumping on the figures for fear that they may pop, but you can punch, kick, and throw them around with ease. 
These figures took a great beating from my son and still provide hours of fun for him. Some of his “matches” lasted longer than most WWE matches. I will say that our Wrestler figure had an air leak when we first filled him up and had to put tape on it to prevent the air from leaking out. The figures do deflate on their own slowly, but the leak on the wrestler had him flat within a few minutes of filling him with air. 
Another item we received was the Fuzzy Wubble Jigglers Sparkle the Unicorn. Now at first glance, we thought this was just another stuffed toy but when we picked it up we immediately felt the difference. This little unicorn has some heft to it and I would not want to throw it at someone with full force. 

The little fuzzy is great to place catch with, bounce on the floor, or just watch it roll around. There are other types of animals to choose from and we just got lucky by getting the unicorn. This thing is adorable! I mean just look at those eyes staring up at you. How can you not fall for this cute thing? 

Wubble Rumblers and Fuzzy Wubble Jigglers are available at most retail outlets, but the links provided on this post are for Target (not affiliated links). These items are priced right for those looking to find a great gift for this holiday season. This is one item the will be on our Holiday Guide and that is due to the easy setup and sheer joy it bought to my son as he played with them. 

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