Fandads Holiday Gift Guide 2020

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Friends, the holidays are going to look a lot different this year but we hope to bring back some normalcy with our annual Holiday Gift Guide. This year our focus is on gifts for inside the home and can be played by the entire family. We know it’s been a rough year but hopefully, these ideas will bring some joy to those in your lives. Let’s begin!

Loot Crate

The LootCrate boxes are always great to give and receive as a gift. You never know what cool items are going to appear in your box until you open it. The crates start at $24.99 and increase depending on the style or subscription you decide to purchase. Learn more about LootCrate here.

Tonie Box
We have talked about the Tonie Box before and can not help but praise this great screen-free device. My son uses it every night to go to bed and I enjoy just laying down next to him listening to the songs or stories coming out of the selected Tonie. This is one item that is going to be in high demand this season and will give your children plenty of ways to use their imagination. you can order your TonieBox here

DoobleMatic is a great way for your children to learn about creating video games without getting too technical. If your children can draw and follow the simple directions included within the kit they can make games in no time. My daughter really loves this kit bcause it gets her imagination going. The kist does ome with some templates to get your children started immediately, but it also give them the opportunity to create their own game. If you have a child that has a love for STEAM this would be the gift to get them this year. 


I will say that as simple as a toy as the Tileblox is it is one of my favorites. My son would play with his set for hours just building whatever is in his mind. These kits have magnetic pieces that hold them together and can combine with other TileBlox sets to make even bigger items. My son has built some great houses and bases for his action figures and I just love watching him build and rebuild different structures with his sets. This is a great gift that is screen-free and reinforces STEM learning. 

Marvel Battleworld

Tabletop games have been the rage for a long time for those in the geek comunity. Little by little these games are becoming more mainstream. Using popular and well known brands opens the doors for more people to try them out. Marvel Battleworld. The game is easy to learn and has some great figures to collect. The game can be played alone or with the family and you can get expansion packs to get more heroes for your gameplay. 

Wubble Rumblers

Being home all day can sometimes make it hard for your children to release some of that pent up energy. If this is the case in your household, Wubble Rumblers are here to dave your children. These inflatable characters can help your children release all that energy by punching, kicking, or jumping on them. They are the perfect way for parents to release stress too. There is nothing like the feeling of putting on an inflatable fist and punching the wrestler as hard as you can. This may be more of a toy for parents than children. Heck, you both can have fun with these toys. Wubble Rumblers are available at most retailers. We had fun with the wrestler, the ninja, and the fist. 

Billie Eilish dolls
If you have a Billie Eilish fan in your household you might want to pick up these figures from Playmates Toys. These figures are based on her looks in her music videos and their packaging transform in mini displays for the figures. They range from $19.99 to $29.99 and the larger figure has great fabric clothes based on the “Bad Guy” video.  

We hope you find something on this years guide for members of your family. We hope to expand the guide again next year but this year we focused on something smaller items that the entire family can enjoy together. Enjoy your Holidays! 

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