The Legend of Vox Machina Episodes 10 – 12 Review

Episode 10 – Depths of Deceit

If you remember the way the episode before this ended we saw Percy aiming his gun at Dr. Ripley. We did not know why this was but Percy filled us in on why Dr. Ripley needed to die. Ultimately, Dr. Ripley assists the crew and it does not go well. There are some zombies they must fight and escape a room-filling up with acid. Obviously, since there are two more episodes we know the team survives but at what cost?

After Percy confronts his old nemesis, Dr. Anna Ripley, a tenuous partnership is struck. Despite Percy’s protests that she can’t be trusted, Vox Machina brings Ripley along. She leads them through the traps under the castle, but soon the team is double-crossed by one of their own.

Episode 11 – 111: Whispers at the Ziggurat

This has to be one of the best episodes in the series. The action in this one is pretty intense and the ebb and flow of it keep you on your toes. We see a major battle between Pike and Sylas. We also get to see some of Delilah’s power and how she fatally injures one of the members of the team. There are a few key deaths in this episode and it ends on another cliffhanger moment.

Vox Machina launches a final assault against the Briarwoods atop the Ziggurat. Battling the dark magic of Delilah and the vampiric strength of Sylas, a worried Vex and an unhinged Percy try to save their siblings. But their best efforts may not be enough as the Briarwoods near completion of their secret ritual.

Episode 12 – The Darkness Within

The team has gone through a lot this season and this episode caps it all off. We see how the demon that Percy has attempted to take over control of him. We see those that we thought betrayed the team come around and help out the team. This episode gives us some closure on a few characters and sets up a new adventure for Vox Machina.

Vox Machina has stopped the Briarwoods’ evil ritual but at a heavy cost. As they flee the Ziggurat to save one of their own, Percy is eager to take revenge on their prisoner, Delilah Briarwood. When Vex implores him to let go of his vengeance, Percy must confront the darkness within himself.

This season has been one that pulled me in and made me a fan of Vox Machina. As I stated in the first review that I did not know anything about this group and now I want to know more. I can not wait to see what their next adventure will be.

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