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The Kids in the Hall are back on Prime Video and as a fan of the original show, I was wondering how these new episodes would be. You know what friends? These new episodes do not disappoint. The kids are older, wiser, and maybe a bit more daring than they use to be. Being that they are on Prime Video the gloves are off and in some cases, the clothes too.

Credit: Jackie Brown Copyright: Amazon Studios

From the beginning of the first episode, we see that the Kids are self-aware of their place in the world and mock themselves every now and then. One such moment is when Bruce McCulloch is playing a young boy and tells a lady “Aren’t you a little too old to be pregnant?” she replies, “Aren’t you too old to be playing a young boy?” There are more moments like this throughout the series that ground the show and let us know that the Kids do not take themselves too seriously.

Some of the skits on this season are a bit dark but they have that Kids’ humor that actually makes you laugh. One skit about a grandfather having a heart attack and asking his grandson to call for an ambulance is funny due to the child not being able to pronounce the word “Ambulance” correctly and that baffles the 911 operator. What ends up arriving at the house is hilarious and the last note in that scene will have you laughing until your belly hurts.

There are some great reappearances from characters of the original run but there are also some new characters that will instantly become your favorite. Super Drunk has become one of my favorites and I hope we get to see more of him in future episodes. One of the skits that really made me laugh is Dave Foley playing a DJ after an apocalypse. That skit kind of ruined “Brand New Key’ by Melanie for me. Although the skit is funny, it is also eerie in the portrayal of an apocalyptic future.

Credit: Jackie Brown Copyright: Amazon Studios

Definitely check out the new season of The Kids in the Hall and also check out the documentary The Kids in the Hall: Comedy Punks. All seasons are available on Prime Video and the series will be available to stream starting on Friday, May 13th.

The iconic Canadian comedy troupe—Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson—is back with a new season of their groundbreaking sketch series, featuring a fresh batch of fun offbeat characters and beloved favorites, with sketches that pack a satirical punch, laced with the hilarious, edgy and fearless comedy The Kids are famous for.

First premiering in 1989, the original Emmy-nominated The Kids in the Hall was an alternative comedy sensation that developed a die-hard fanbase while influencing countless comedians and performers. The new season marks the return of The Kids, with eight new episodes featuring all-new sketches from the beloved comedy troupe. The season’s guest stars include Paul Bellini, Pete Davidson, Catherine O’Hara, Kenan Thompson, Brandon Ash-Mohammed, Will Forte, Catherine Reitman, Samantha Bee, Fred Armisen, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Jay Baruchel, Eddie Izzard, Tracee Ellis Ross, Mark Hamill, and Colin Mochrie.

The Kids in the Hall is produced by Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video and Canadian production company Project 10. The Kids in the Hall is created, written, and executive produced by Foley, McCulloch, McDonald, McKinney, and Thompson.

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