Attempting to go Vert with the #Boneless Skaters

Disclaimer: The Fandads were paid and provided with Boneless hyper-poseable skaters and crazy stunt playsets in exchange for a review. All thoughts, opinions, and attempts at ollies are our own.

One of the cool things we get to do on this site is to review new toys that are out on the market. We recently received a package of #Boneless skaters and playsets to review and these toys were a lot of fun. If you have a skater in your family and are looking for toys that fall under the skateboarding umbrella, you should check out the #Boneless crew.

Last summer my daughter took up skateboarding and I bought a board to join in the fun with her. While we are not the greatest of skaters it is fun to use the #Boneless skaters to give us ideas on what we could possibly accomplish. The skaters are very easy to set up. You charge up the skaters on their power chargers and in about 15 seconds they are ready to go! There is a small direction switch on the boards that will either make your skater go in one direction or when pressed down have them change direction when they hit an object.

We were sent 3 #Boneless skaters and 2 playsets: the Big Air Mega Ramp and Super Street Sk8Prk. Both playsets were easy to assemble and came with a barrage of stickers. There were some stickers that we thought too cool to place on the playsets so my daughter and I decided to keep them for ourselves. While the sets were cool to play with we did have a small issue with the playset on the Street Sk8Prk not being flush with the floor.

This little gap caused issues with the skaters not being able to climb the wall at times. If the skaters had a good speed going they would be able to go over the gap but sometimes the skaters would hit it and fall right over. This did cause a damper on our play every now and then but it also caused us to find new ways to get the skaters on the ramp. We would charge the skaters as much as we could and release them on the ramps. We had races to see which skater was the fastest and using the mega ramp we tried to see who would jump the farthest.

Some of the #Boneless skaters would ride down the ramp with no issues while others would have trouble going down the ramp. These hits and misses made playing with the skaters that much fun because you never knew what would happen next. We did figure out how you balanced the skaters on their skateboards helped and would keep them from falling right away. Once we got the hang of it our skaters would go flying off the ramp. It was pretty cool sight to see.

We would have to warn you that while the characters are superposable, you do have to be careful in posing them. While trying to pose Luca to do a handstand the “skeleton” on his left arm snapped. This caused the arm to just hang and we were unable to do any poses with him on that arm. It could have been a bad batch that we received but you do need to be careful when posing the figures. My son and I had to become creative in how we used Luca and how we posed him on his skateboard.

We will say that if you have any action figures at home that have holes in their feet you might be able to use them with the skateboards. My son discovered that his wrestling figures had holes on their feet and we started doing races between the wrestlers and the #Boneless skaters. This opened up a whole new world of play and seeing these 6-inch wrestling figures stay on the boards suddenly wiping out was a lot of fun.

The #Boneless skaters and playsets are a great line to play with if you have a skater in the house or someone who is interested in skateboarding. The playsets are easy to assemble and there is a great line of diverse skaters to choose from. While we did have a few issues with the playset not being flush with the floor or Luca’s arm braking, we did enjoy playing with these toys. You are not limited to only using the playsets because you can use anything in your house to create a ramp or something for your skaters to jump from. No matter what you do, you will have a great time playing with these skaters.

If you want to get your hands on the #Boneless skaters and sets you can purchase these at your local Target and Share online your skaters and the awesome tricks you pull by using the hashtags #Boneless and #StickTheTrick.

Here’s more information about the line:

#Boneless is a line of electric-powered, mini skateboards with poseable skaters and stunt playsets. Kids can use the figures and the skateboards to do stunts. The skateboards come with a power charger that quick-charges the board in seconds. Kids can twist and bend the #Boneless skaters and pose them in different positions until they find the optimal position for each trick they attempt.

Each figure set includes a skater, skateboard, charging base and collectible deck (3 AA batteries not included). With four play sets to choose from, kids can simulate skateboard tricks and stunts. For more information, see the video below or visit their website:

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