58th Chicago International Film Festival

Friends, The 58th Chicago International Film Festival is a day away and we will be there covering the festival and reviewing as many films as we possibly can. Ever since I can remember I always wanted to go to the International Film Festival. The festival starts on October 12th with a free block party by the Music Box theater and concludes on the 23rd with Noah Baumbach’s White Noise.

The Fandads were lucky to receive press accreditation for the event and we have been making notes and scheduling the movies we are wanting to see during the festival. While there are a lot of mainstream movies that will be playing at the event, there are some great foreign films and documentaries that will also be shown. In total there will be 96 features and 56 shorts shown at the festival.

Attending every screening will be impossible but luckily the festival does have a virtual option for viewing some of the movies that will be shown. Being members of the press we have been granted access to request some screeners to watch some of these movies at home.

List of movies we are planning on reviewing:

  • A Lot of Nothing
  • Alis
  • Art & Pep
  • The Big Payback
  • Glass Onion
  • King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones
  • Leonor will Never Die
  • No Ordinary Campaign
  • The Novelist Film
  • Raymond & Ray
  • Shin Ultraman
  • Shorts: Animation, After Dark, Black Perspectives, Family Friendly Animation, City and State
  • The Whale
  • White Noise

This list may change depending on availability. Be on the lookout for additional coverage and reviews of the movies we have seen in the days ahead.

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