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Disclaimer: The Fandads are receiving a Wilma Whale Pull Along toy to give our readers in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Friends, while our kids have outgrown the board books and cute toys, I always see something that I think is cool and would want to buy for them. Every now and then we get a pitch for toys and the latest one is a collection that I have seen at my local Barnes and Noble.

While my son looks through the latest book on the shelves I tend to wander to the toy section and see what they have there. I remember seeing the Bababoo and Friends toys and noticing the Wonder Tree Shape Sorting Clock. It reminded me of the cloth clock we had and used to teach our kids about time. I thought to myself having this clock would have been great when our kids were younger. It was sturdy and looked like it could take a beating from a toddler. Needless to say, I did not buy it but I would always look at the selection of Bababoo and Friends toys and books when we would go to Barnes & Noble.

Photo Courtesy of Bababoo and Friends

I think this is s a great collection of toys and books and we were lucky that our friends at Bababoo and Friends wanted to work with us to help promote their brand and Instagram page. Read a little more about the brand below and enter to win a Wilma Whale Pull Along toy below.

Bababoo and friendsĀ® offers a world of fun, loving and relatable characters complete with fully developed and unique backstories that promote diversity, inclusion and age-appropriate life lessons. Take Bababoo for instance, he loves to craft things out of wood and at times is a bit scared. Luckily he has lots of wonderful friends including Wilma, Yuki, Pippa, Lolo, and Miss Mali that all help him to feel he can do anything! Take a closer look at all of the characters here!

Giveaway Time!

Our friends at Bababoo and Friends are giving one of our lucky readers a Whale Wilma Pull Along toy. Enter below!

Photo Courtesy of Bababoo and Friends

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