AEW Unrestricted feat Dalton Castle

Dalton Castle is one of my favorite wrestlers. From his entrance to the song he uses and the assistance of The Boys, I love watching him in the ring. Check out this episode of AEW Unrestricted and get to know Dalton Castle.

Dalton Castle almost gave up on wrestling! Thank goodness he didn’t or we wouldn’t have the fabulous sequins, sparkles, jumpsuits and capes that are The Peacock! We also wouldn’t have The Boys (Brandon and Brent Tate) in AEW. Dalton talks about his ROH journey, meeting the Tate twins, how he initially felt about Tony Khan purchasing ROH, his first match back at ROH for Supercard of Honor, the pop he got wrestling Chris Jericho in Toronto, and what’s really in his big prop box that now travels with the show. Dalton shares his dream entrance, his love of painting, the optimal number of rotations for an effective Bangarang, his Celebrity Family Feud experience, and the words he never thought he’d ever hear in his wrestling career.

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