Learning about Money with Your World on Money

Think back to your grammar or high school days. How much did you learn about money management or being financially responsible? Our school had a consumer ed class that had us “buy” stocks and at the end of the semester, we all compared how well our stocks did. I don’t remember us talking about what stocks were or their significance.

I know that if I learned more about credit, stocks, and saving money things might have been a little different for my today financially. I am glad that Your World on Money is available for not only my kids but for a generation that needs to learn these things. I have watched a few of these episodes with my children and I feel that this will help them as they get more hands-on with their money choices.

We were lucky to talk to the host, Andini about the six episodes that are available to see on Youtube and Million Stories Media. In our conversation, we talk about stocks, how Andini became the host of the show, and why it is important to learn about financial responsibility.

Episodes of ‘Your World on Money’ with host Andini are available now to stream for free on MillionStories.com.

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