AEW Unrestricted Fight Forever with Adam Cole & Evil Uno

The incredible AEW Fight Forever console game is out today, and we’re celebrating its release with Adam Cole Bay Bay (aka Chugs), Evil Uno, the host of All Elite Arcade on twitch, and AEW Sr. Vice President of Business Development, Partnerships, and video games, Nik Sobic! Nik spearheaded Fight Forever, and shares the game’s origin story, and the role that Kenny Omega played in its development. The guys reveal their favorite characters, move sets, weapons, and game mode, and give a sneak-peak at the mini games currently available and the ones still to come! You’ll discover who is the “mini game master,” who loves playing as Dr. Britt Baker DMD, who loves being Eddie Kingston in the exploding barbed wire match, who loves playing as themselves, and who on the AEW roster is the best trash-talker to date. Plus, Nic details how AEW was able to include Owen Hart in AEW Fight Forever!

AEW Fight Forever is available everywhere NOW!

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