Season 2 of Faceplant Now Streaming

The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship is launching Season 2 of Faceplant, a video documentary style series about some familiar faces, their (sometimes very public) career and life struggles, and how they overcame them to get back up stronger than ever.

From Hollywood actors, directors and producers to Olympic athletes,
the show gives inspiration as we hear how they took the lemons life gave them and turned it into lemonade.

Uncover the personal stories from people who discover the value of failure in pursuit of their dreams. The people highlighted in Season 2 are:

Kwame Onwuachi – Turning Failure into Triumph
Kwame Onwuachi recounts how his tumultuous journey of becoming a restaurateur was filled with ambition, miscalculations and a harsh awakening. His dream restaurant was closed after 6 weeks. This failure pushed him into depression but also gifted him profound insight and taught him to treat failure as a stepping stone to success.

Damian Escobar – The Side of Success That Nobody Talks About
Originally from Jamaica, Queens in New York, world renowned violinist Damien’s inspiring journey of making it big (3rd place on America’s Got Talent), losing it all (and sleeping on his mother’s couch), fights to rebuild for a second chance at success — because if you can get to the top, you can also surely find yourself at the bottom.

Rebecca Soni – From Olympic Podium to Rock Bottom
What happens when you reach the top of your game, but you realize the journey there has cost you your mental health and happiness? Meet Olympic swimming champion Rebecca Soni who grappled with the pressure to perform and the daunting question, “What’s next?”

Dr. Barbara Hong – Turning Her Fear of Failure into Opportunity
Dr. Barbara Hong grew up in Singapore and from a very poor family. When she was too afraid to take the placement test that would allow her to further her education, she realized she had to do something to improve her life. Resetting, restarting and repeating put Dr. Barbara on the path to attaining her PhD and other accolades where she is currently the Dean of Special Education at Texas A&M Int’l University and the author of “Failing Up.”

Sheryl Recinos – Finding Purpose on the Streets of Hollywood
What if the path to becoming a doctor led you through extraordinary challenges? We’re not just talking about med school: imagine facing homelessness, juvenile prison, and academic setbacks, all while holding onto a seemingly impossible dream. Meet Dr. Sheryl Reconos, who grew up in Los Angeles, is a physician and author who has defied the odds.

Rand Fishkin- $50M in Mistakes: What Moz Founder Learned from Failure
Rand Fishkin, an internet entrepreneur, faced immense pressure to deliver exponential growth for this first venture, SEO Moz, which yielded $30M in revenue in 2014. Despite the company’s success, the slow and steady growth was insufficient for investors. This, along with struggles to launch a new product, led to his departure as CEO and the company’s subsequent sell-off. He experienced significant mental and emotional turmoil during this period, yet it shaped his future approach to entrepreneurship. With his next venture, SparkToro, Fishkin prioritized health, relationships and meaningful work, demonstrating that success isn’t always synonymous with becoming a billion-dollar company.

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