Bring Killer Klowns Home Today

I remember seeing Killer Klowns from Outer Space when I was a kid. I remember watching it at home, I think we rented it, and I remember being a little afraid of the clowns but also thinking how bizarre the movie was.

Courtesy of Scream Factory

Here we are 35 years later and the movie has become a cult horror classic and thanks to Scream Factory it has a 4K release to relive all of the insanity at home. This is the first time this classic has been released on 4K UHD and will become a great addition to anyone’s movie library!

Scream Factory is releasing the darkly hilarious film as a two-disc set available on 4K UHD+ Blu-ray, as well as a Limited Edition 4K UHD+ Blu-ray Steelbook. Both editions come with a variety of bonus features, including audio commentary with the Chiodo Brothers, featurettes “The Making of Killer Klowns”, “Komposing Klowns”, “Kreating Klowns”, “Visual Effects with Gene Warren” featurette, “Earliest Films of the Chiodo Brothers” featurette, deleted scenes, and more! Fans can order their copies now by visiting

As someone who still purchases physical media, I always love to see the special features that are included on the disc. I will say that my favorites are “The Making of Killer Klowns”, “Komposing Klowns”, and “Kreating Klowns”. The creativity that went into making this movie and creating the look of the Klowns is amazing and well worth your time.

Read the description of the movie below along with what’s included on the discs. After you get your copy of the movie remember to make some popcorn and cotton candy and enjoy this cult classic horror movie with your family and friends.

Courtesy of Scream Factory

In Killer Klowns from Outer Space, a spaceship looking like a circus tent lands in a field near a small town, signaling the attack of deviant, red-nosed, balloon-twisting psychos from another world who plan to annihilate mankind by turning people into cotton candy! Luckily, the town’s teen citizenry decides to fight back and teach the cosmic bozos a lesson. But these klowns are no klutzes, turning popcorn, peanuts and caramel corn into playful but deadly weapons of madcap destruction and mayhem!

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Bonus Features

Disc One (4K UHD)

  • NEW 4K Scan of the Original Camera Negative
  • Audio Commentary with the Chiodo Brothers

Disc Two (Blu-ray)

  • NEW 4K Scan of the Original Camera Negative
  • Audio Commentary with the Chiodo Brothers 
  • Featurettes “The Making of Killer Klowns”, “Komposing Klowns”, “Kreating Klowns” 
  • Visual Effects with Gene Warren featurette
  • Deleted Scenes 
  • Bloopers
  • “Earliest Films of the Chiodo Brothers” featurette
  • Easter Eggs 
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