Chicago Critics Film Festival

Brooklyn 45 Review

There is a moment in Brooklyn 45 when a character says the following lines “It’s easy to create an enemy. All you need are slanty eyes, different color skin, or an accent. But it’s always better if they speak a different tongue, isn’t it? It must be easier to kill someone if you can’t understand

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BlackBerry Review

We have all dreamed of working with our friends in a fun environment and making millions of dollars. While for many of us, this is only a dream, there are a few friends that have worked hard and made this dream come true. Although it may be great to work with friends, sometimes too much

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 Chicago Critics Film Festival

It’s almost time for the 10th annual Chicago Critics Film Festival. The festival will run from May 5-11 at Chicago’s historic Music Box Theatre. The festival opens with a screening of SXSW Official Selection BLACKBERRY and closes with Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Special Award winner THEATER CAMP, a mockumentary send-up of summer camp culture and musical theater die-hards. The 2023 festival line-up includes Chicago premieres

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