Super 8 is confirmed!

Just last month Aint’ It Cool News wrote about a team up between Steven Speilberg and J.J. Abrams in which the duo is working on a secret movie that will pay homage to Speilberg’s early work.  No specific details have been released and with the way Abrams kept the Cloverfield trailer secret, we would have to wait until an official word is released.  Well, that wait is no more.  If you see Iron Man 2 this weekend you will see the first official teaser to this top secret movie called “Super 8.”

Now the trailer has already been leaked online (search and you may still find it) and it captures your interest the same way the Cloverfield trailer did.  Not much is told, except that it’s 1979 and items from Area 51 are being transported to a secure location in Ohio.  There’s an accident and something is trying to escape one of the train cars.  Just seeing this made me wish next summer was here already.  That’s right, we have to wait a whole year before this comes out.  Being that two of Hollywood’s heavyweights are working on this movie together, I can only hope that it will be worth the wait. I think it will.

– Victor

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