Video Game Time 5/11 Edition

Okay, so this weeks Video Game Time is a day late, but I’ll make up for the tardiness with another contest, more on that later.  The one game that I’m really excited about this week is 3D Dot Game Heroes  for the PS3.  This game looks amazing and it’s pretty much Zelda if you removed the over the top view. 

The premise of the game is that the Dark Orb has been stolen and the land needs a hero to retreive it before the Dark King Onyx returns and gets revenge on the land.  Simple premise, but the game is sure to bring back memories of playing Zelda on the NES. 

There are unbelievably large swords in this game that cover the entire screen, which should make killing enemies interesting. Similar to other action-based games there are side missions and mini-games to keep your character busy.

The great thing about the game is the character editor where you can make your own creations and save them, play them or share them with friends via a USB device.  This is a PS3 exclusive, so if you don’t have a PS3 go buy one today to play this unique action game.  I think this game is going to be a winner, but I’ll have to until I have a copy before I start singing it’s praises.

One more game that I am excited about was announced this week and that is Little Big Planet 2.  I loved playing the first one and it was actually a game that my wife enjoyed playing with me.  What’s not to love about this game: cute little characters, plenty of customizations and millions of user-created levels online.

What was fun about the first game was that the difficulty of the game wasn’t that intense.  It was a great game that anyone could sit down and play without any previous gaming experience.  Another plus about this game was making your own level.. The level editor was very detailed and helped out with every aspect of creating your own level.  I remember going online and seeing a lot of levels that looked like they were built by professionals, but they were just created by fans.  I saw Ghostbuster levels, Silent Hill levels and a tic-tac-toe level that always beat me no matter where I put my X’s or O’s.  The developers of this game, Media Molecule, constantly provided DLC for this game and it seems that this will continue with Little Big Planet 2.

In honor of this announcement Fandads will be giving out Pirates of the Caribbean DLC codes for Little Big Planet for the PS3.  These codes include the character pack and level kit so you can make your own Jack Sparrow Sackboy.  We only have a few of these codes to give away.  “How do I win one of these codes?” you ask? Simple, just e-mail me what you like about Little Big Planet and I will choose winners at random.  Good Luck.

Notable releases
– Skate 3 (360, PS3)
– Lost Planet 2 (360, PS3)
– Batman Arkham Asylum: GOTY Edition (360, PS3)

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