Say It Ain’t So

I know I’ve been slacking on the blog, I hope to sort of “relaunch”it in the new year, we’ll have to come up with something. We’re getting as bad as TV, a season ends and you don’t get new content or episodes for months, sometimes for a year. I know, I know, that’s the definition of a season, still though, sometimes you don’t ever get new episodes.

Case in point, they canceled Terriers, it was a great show with a good cast. But the ratings sucked and the advertising campaign was just kind of confusing. It sucks, you spend so much time following a show, getting to know the characters and then it’s gone. FlashForward, Heroes, Deadwood, Firefly, and many more left us way too soon. There have been some stories of shows coming back from the dead, Futurama and Family Guy for example, but those are rare exceptions.

It makes it kind of tough for people to give new shows a chance. Comedies are different, they’re either funny or they’re not. There aren’t any cliffhangers and you can miss an episode or two and jump right back in. However, when you’re investing time into a thriller or a drama and they leave you hanging, it feels like you’ve wasted a lot of time watching something with no conclusion.

As bad as most reality shows are, at least you get a winner at the end of every season. I don’t know, maybe I’ll stick to watching movies, heh.

Speaking of disappointing decisions in regards to television, why G4, why? Nothing against Candice Bailey but I’m on team Haislip.

Gotta run, I can hear my little monster starting to wake…

– Gil

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