Video Game Time is Back

It has been a busy Winter for gamers! There were so many hot titles coming out each week that it was hard to keep track of everything that has been released, but today I will try to highlight a few and speak on last weeks big release.

Let’s start with what’s been released and a line about each one:

Call of Duty Black Ops – Even negative publicity couldn’t harm the sales of this title.
Medal of Honor – Another FPS that sold well, but couldn’t compete with COD.
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – A great addition to this already great game. If you haven’t bought this yet, GET IT!
NBA2K11 – One word -Jordan! Nuff said!
Super Mario All-Stars – Relive the old days of playing your NES.
Donkey Kong Country Returns – Great co-op and fun gameplay.
Epic Mickey – A Mickey Mouse game that doesn’t feel like a kids game.
Pac Man Championship Edition DX – Holy crap this game is addictive and worth it.
Mass Effect 2 (PS3) – Critics have called this “The Best version of this game ever”

I know I might have missed a few games, but these are some of the titles that stood out to me.

Last week, along with Mass Effect 2, Little Big Planet 2 was also released and if you were a fan of the first game, this one is not going to disappoint.  Not only is there 50+ levels that you can play, but there are over 2 million user created levels that are sure to please every gamer.  That’s right, 2 million because any level that was created for the first game can be ported over and played on the LBP2 engine.

The game hasn’t improved much in graphics, but it does seem a little sharper this time around.  While the gameplay hasn’t changed much, now Sackboy has a few more tricks up his arsenal: Grappling hook, Grabinator & Sackbots to name a few.  Now these additions are great for the game, but the main draw for me this time around is being able to create my own games.

In LBP you were able to create your own levels to play and share, this time around not only can you do that, but also make games to share with others.  If you do a quick search for Little Big Planet 2 on Youtube you will see some amazing videos of developers who were given access to beta test the game and create what they wanted.  Some of these videos show Pac Man games, driving games, even shooting games. The possibilities are endless and that is the greatest thing about this game and that is that the content is going to keep growing.  I am still trying to create my level and make a game, but sitting through the 52 tutorials is a bit of a challenge.

I really loved the first game and I have enjoyed the few days that I have been playing this.  Although I did have an issue with the load times the first few times I started playing, but that hasn’t been an issue lately.  I just wished I had the Move controllers to take advantage of the Move compatible levels that the game has, but I can always come back to them when I get the controllers.  This game is a lot of fun and it would make a great addition to anyone’s game library. 5 out of 5.

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