Video Game Time Part II

Today’s game: Killzone 3

As far as first-person shooters go: Call of Duty pretty much corners the market along with the Halo franchise.  Killzone 3 is a great FPS that clearly holds it’s own with these titles.  From the massive environments to the spectacular sequences, Killzone 3 is the shooter that PS3 owners have been waiting for.

Let me start off by saying that if you want great voice acting and a superb storyline, don’t expect that from this game.  The voice acting sometimes sounds forced and it seems like half way through the game the story doesn’t matter anymore.  This is the only flaw with the game and now that we got that out of the way, lets talk about the good things.

The beginning of this game is a little confusing at first because of the situation that you are in.  Your character goes through a quick tutorial to refresh you about the gameplay controls, but then after a few minutes the curtain is pulled and you understand what is happening.  I know that sounds vague, but I really don’t want to spoil the beginning for those of you who haven’t played the game yet.

Once the game is underway you really feel like you are in the Helghast homeworld.  The scenery is so engulfing that you might just catch yourself enjoying the view than following orders.  The feel of the weapons are great because you actually feel the weight of whatever weapon you are holding.  The great thing about Killzone is that you actually feel like you are in the game and not just a barrel of a gun running around.  Everything that you do from climbing ladders to helping your teammate over ledges feels real and natural. 

The action in the game is intense and at times it rivals the action of big blockbuster movies.  The pacing of the game is well done, but there are a few times when you jump back and forth in time to flesh out the storyline.  Like I mentioned before, the storyline is a little weak, but the action makes up for this.

Like most games today Killzone does have an online multi-player mode.  The modes are pretty much the same as in most games: a capture the flag type, death match & execution, but the leveling up on these modes is a little more rewarding.  Now as you level up you gain points that you can use to unlock abilities, but for any class that you’re are using, not just for a specific one.  There is also local co-op, as opposed to online co-op, which I think is great.

Overall, Killzone 3 is a great FPS for the PlayStation 3 and becomes a better game when you use the Sharp Shooter Move attachment to play.  This is definitely the shooter game that pushes the PS3’s capabilities and I was very satisfied with the gameplay and action of the title.  Although there are a few flaws, Killzone 3 does deliver on the action that is promises.

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