The reviews of Homefront haven’t been too kind. Some people are complaining about the graphics, others are disappointed with the length of the game. I know that it isn’t a Halo killer, and it didn’t blow anyone’s mind, but after playing it through and spending sometime playing it online I have to give it my seal of approval. 

For the sake of those of you that haven’t played it, I won’t spill too many details, but it gets you into the story from the start. I found myself having visceral reactions to what was happening on the screen. The story is good, maybe even a little too hard to watch at times. I feel that Homefront does a good job of pulling you in, I know I wanted some payback early in the game. Yes, the story is short, but is that such a bad thing? Quality over quantity right? Do you really want long, drawn out missions just for the sake of shooting enemy soldiers? I think the story is just right, it gives you some closure, a sense of accomplishment, but it definitely sets things up for a sequel or DLC.
Multiplayer is fun, nothing to write home about, but in my experiences it isn’t as full of glitchers or campers as some other FPS are. I’m not the greatest FPS shooter, which frustrates me in most games when playing online, but Homefront is actually fun and I can hold my own. The points you can accumulate also add another interesting dimension to online play. Even if you haven’t been pulling your weight, you can always save them up for something big and help out your team in the clutch. 
Overall, Homefront is pretty much what I expected, hopefully this is the beginning of a new franchise, if for no other reason than finding out how this story ends. That’s why I think you should check Homefront out, if for no other reason than finding out how the story begins…
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