Contest, updates and more. UPDATED

If you follow us on Twitter (@fandads) or “like” us on Facebook you would have seen that this past weekend we had a contest to win a Gears of War 3 beta code.  We want to send a congratulations to Codie S. who won our contest and received the Gears 3 beta code.  We also would like to let you know that we have more contest in store in the coming weeks and months. Read on to see what we have planned.

In April Fandads turned a year old and we’ve been deciding on how to celebrate or what changes to make to the site.  With our busy schedules, we have been adding stories here and there and we’ve been trying to think of contest to bring more awareness to the site.  We have talked about revamping the site and giving it a new look.  This is still in the works, but we have yet to decide on how to present it.

There are a few more contest coming up.  Along with the Gears 3 code we gave out, we do have another Gears contest coming up.  We are also thinking about updating the logo we have on our Facebook page and  maybe we can ask the Fandad community to help us in designing a new logo.  Obviously, this contest will be huge so we’ll have to come up with a big prize for that.

While this year has gone by fast we will continue to bring you new content and in the meantime, we want to thank those of you who have visited the site and left us comments on our Facebook and Twitter page.

Update: Here’s a hint for an upcoming contest.

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