Training the Fandad way!

As many of you know by now, I am participating in the Warrior Dash on June 19th.  Now while I am not in peak physical shape, I am in decent shape and have decided to start working out so I won’t embarrass myself doing the dash.  I thought of a few ways to get in shape and I decided to share them with you, our loyal readers.  Remember, I am not a professional trainer, I’m just a fandad.

Now the key to getting through the Warrior Dash is cardio.  There will be a lot of running, jumping and crawling so I have to make sure that I do not get winded easily. So listed below is my cardio regimen.

  1. Walking my dog – Now while this may not seem like a big thing, walking my dog for 20 to 25 minutes will slowly build up my cardio.  Also, in my neighborhood, you never know when you might get chased by a loose dog or a gangbanger.
  2. I have an active 22 Month old – Chasing around a hyper little girl wears you out.  Especially the race game she likes to play.  She’ll grab you by the hand and drag you around the house stopping every now and then to say “1,2,3, GO!!”  Keep in mind, this game isn’t for a few minutes, it goes for hours.
  3. EA Active – What do you expect I’m a gamer and EA Active gives you a good workout.  When I first started using it I lost about 5lbs, so I started it again to help me in getting back into shape.
  4. Running – I guess I should go running outside one day, but I’ll start slow when I do.

The next parts of my regimen I have decided to bundle together, because together they are also an integral part to my training and they all involve a common element.

  • Obstacle course training – Again this goes back to my little girl.  The mess that she leaves behind is like navigating through an obstacle course.  Granted it may not be as intense as the Warrior Dash, but it’s still an obstacle course.
  • Weight Training – I have a few dumbbells that I need to use, but the one weight that I am always using is my little girl, are you getting the pattern here?  Carrying her around when she’s tired or trying to fight her sleep really works your arms.  Also, as long as she keeps eating healthy the amount of weight will increase.
  • Hand Eye Coordination – There are probably going to be parts of the course where this will come in handy and what better way to prepare for this than to play video games.  Video games help with hand eye coordination, especially games that use motion controls ie: PlayStation 3, Wii.  The Kinect is great for full body control so that also comes in handy.
  • Good Eating Habits – I do admit I eat take out a lot, but I’m trying to cut that down.  I need to be more disciplined in eating, because there are times that I am too focused on the little one that I don’t eat myself.  When I do eat, it’s something not healthy and I need to stop that.
  • Sleep – Lately, sleep has been hard due to the fact that little girl likes to sleep on the couch and when she is moved she throws a fit.  Due to this, there have been many-a-nights when I sleep on the couch with her and it’s not the most comfortable place to sleep.

Well I hope that gives you an insight as to how this Fandad is training for the Warrior Dash.  Maybe this will work for you or maybe it won’t.  I will be keeping you updated on my progress until the actual day of the event and if you have suggestions as to what else I could do to train I am open to your suggestions.

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