The Fandads go to a Fashion Show.

On November 14, the Fandads were invited to the first annual PlayChic Fashion Show at City Winery.  This was one of many events throughout the week in preparation for the Tenth Annual Chicago Toy & Game Fair.  The fashion show according to the press release “pairs combine haute couture designers with toy and game companies to create a unique runway of edgy, playful looks.” It was pretty great seeing how the fashion designers mashed up the toys or the concept of the toys with their clothing.

Being that this was my first time at an event like this, I tried to mingle and network with the people there, but I did feel a little out of place.  I ended up at a table where the wife of one the men there was one of the designers, Elda de la Rosa.  She had two designs on display that night.  The other couple at the table were there to cheer on their grandchild that was also taking part in the show. 

The Amazing Designs of the Night.

The designers and toy companies that were showcased that night were: Pony Royale & Nade Baer, Annie the Musical, Brenda Starr, Reporter & Elda de la Rosa, Word Winder & Gibeon Tolbert, Settlers of Catan & Miriam Cecilia, and Moshi Monsters & Be Fore.  Each of these designers were challenged to blend their fashions with the toys assigned to them. 

Once the show started, the clothing was amazing. It was a great experience being there and seeing these fashions and watching the intro videos showing the process of how these clothes were made.  The models walked the short runway and then proceeded to walk through the crowd and stop at specific points for the audience to take pictures of them.

Taking a Final Bow for the Night.

One of the coolest designs was from Be Fore who made a dress composed of nothing but Moshi Monsters.  I think that one was the winner of the night.  After the show I walked around and finally met M.J. Tam from the and I was introduced to the ladies of Pony Royale by Reyne Rice from The Toy  I think that this was a great event to kick off the week and it just got me a little more excited for the Toy Fair that was that weekend.

Since this was my first time at a toy fashion show, I had to take a picture in front of the backdrop a la Derek Zoolander.

On second thought, I should just stick to teaching.

Until next time,  thanks for reading.


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