The 10 Days of Fandads Begins

Last year on our Facebook page we decided to treat our readers with the 1st Annual 10 Days of Fandads.  If you participated in it you will remember that we asked a few questions and the first person to answer won a prize.  This year we have decided to change it up a little and give more people the opportunity to win a prize.  So what do these changes mean?  Well, this time you might have to work a little for your prize. Think of some of the questions like an ARG puzzle (Alternate Reality Game) where you might have to be searching different websites for answers of clues.  There might even be questions were you will have to post a picture to win.  This time, it will take a little more than just being the first one to answer to win a prize.  We figured this way will make it easier and level the playing field for all who play the game.

We’re trying to get some cool prizes for you this year, but I think what we got for the final day is pretty awesome.  So get ready, get set and have fun.  Good luck!!

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