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!@#$! YOU! We’ve all heard it before, We’ve all shouted it out at least once or twice. (or 6,394 times as it may be) Colorful language, for lack of a better term, isn’t really all that harmful is it? Sure, some might say it makes a bad impression, or it reflects ignorance. Others think that people who use “swears” only do it because they have no imagination or out of laziness. Yes it’s abrasive, disrespectful, and offensive, but is it that big of a deal?

I love violent movies full of bullets, explosions, and bad language. Music, f-yeah, there are a lot of great records full of profanities. Believe me, I blasted more than a few of those songs in my day, still do as a matter of fact. Heck, I even find it amusing when a small child slips out an f-bomb here or there. Besides, isn’t there a saying about how you can’t trust someone that never swears?

So I guess I’m a hypocrite when it comes to my children, because it seems like they’re getting exposed to more foul language every day and it’s pissing me off. My oldest, about to be three, is starting to pick up things here and there. Luckily it’s only happened once or twice, but people around here just don’t seem to be able to control their language.

I was just out walking the dogs when a lady rumbled down the street calling someone a bitch on her mobile phone. It was bitch this and bitch that. There were no kids around, but this happens to me all the time. Is it me?

So what do you do? Well a little over a year ago my family and I were out at a restaurant. Another family a couple of tables over was being…difficult. A young lady, and I use the word lady loosely, was yelling at her kids cussing up a storm. Of course I muttered something under my breath, but my brother was fed up and asked her to watch her language. Of course this directed the “lady’s” wrath in our direction. Cussing us out, making racist statement, assuring us that her significant other was in a gang and that he would shoot up the place. Management was no help in that they just offered to move us to another table. Needless to say we haven’t been back there, but that’s just one example of how things can go if you speak up.

I know I can’t keep my daughters from hearing these words, and really at the end of the day, they’re just words. I guess the best way to explain it is that some words are polite and others, not so much. That a proper young lady will find more positive ways of expressing herself. Then they’ll ask me why they can’t but I say them once in a while or why I watch Louie C.K. and I can’t stop laughing.

Maybe that’s when I’ll use my dad’s favorite line “do as I say, not as I do”.

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