What’s Going on with The Fandad?

Sometimes our everyday life grabs a hold of us and doesn’t let go.  This is the situation here with the Fandads.  While we are trying to keep the site updated and tease a few posts we are working on here and there, life comes around and kicks us in the behind and puts everything on hold.  So what is going on with the Fandads, well he is a quick run down.

Fandad Gil just graduated from school – who knew that it would take a guy twenty years and two kids to graduate high school, just kidding. Gil just graduated with his Bachelors and is looking to find a job in the teaching profession.  So if anyone out there knows of a school in the Chicago area that is looking for a PE teacher, you have one right in front of you.

Our C2E2 Experience – This year was a fun year at C2E2.  If you didn’t get a chance to go, hopefully out recap will make you feel like you were there, minus the long lines and bumping into crowds.  Did you miss out on getting some cool items because you were not there? If your answer is yes then we have some Marvel Posters by J. Scott Campbell for you, you just have to answer a question or two.

Toys, toys and toys – We have been lucky enough that we have partnered with Hasbro to review some toys for them.  We have received toys from the Iron Man and KRE-O Star Trek line.  While I have been testing (read playing) with them I need

to put finger to keyboard and write out my reviews on them.  Since we here at Fandads are all about sharing with our readers, we will be giving away two of the toys that we received to our lucky readers.  So keep your eyes open for these giveaways.  I also have to finish my Joker 2.0 Hot Toys review, that figure is just amazing.

Fatherhood and depression – Earlier this month one of our fellow dad bloggers lost his battle with depression and ended his life.  While we never met in person, depression is a subject that I have some familiarity with and I would like to share my experiences with it and how I still cope with it every now and then.  I know, this is a pretty heavy subject, but the life of a Fanboy turned Fandad wasn’t always as exciting as it is nowadays.

Humiliation is a great kick in the ass – If there was one day in my life that I would like to take back, it would be last Friday.  It seemed like I had a million and one things to do that day and the fact that I did not sleep the night before didn’t help me one bit.  By the end of the day, I was rethinking my profession and thinking what can I do to make this right.

We are going to be featured in a couple of Dad Blogs – One thing about this blogging community is the ability to network and grow.  Fandads was asked to be featured in in two dad blogs for the coming month.  While we feel that we are still new to the game and not worthy, it feels good to have some sort of validation for the work that we do here.

So there it is in a nutshell a quick recap of what has been going on.  To those of you that have been with us since day one, thank you and to those of you that are new to the site Thank you very much for making us part of your internet browser history.

As always, thanks for reading,

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