The Father’s Day Purge


With the movie The Purge coming out this week, we wanted to do something for the release of the movie.  The premise of the movie is that for twelve hours one night of the year all violence is legal.  You could do anything you want and not get arrested for it.  This got me thinking about about Father’s Day coming up.  If dads were given one night of the year to do whatever they wanted, what would they do.  Read on to see a couple of my ideas and to win a Purge prize pack.  (This is a non paid for post.)

So dads, you have twelve hours to do what you want.  What will you do?  Being a Fandad, my list will seem a little tame compared to others, but this is how I will spend my day.

1.  Catch up on my video games. Finally I can play my copy of Bioshock Infinite.
2.  Catch up on my comics.  There are a lot of books that I need to read.
3.  Run.  I know that sounds too outdoorsy, but I need to be in shape to play with my kids.
4.  Write on the blog. I could finally sit down and write that moving piece I always wanted to write.
5.  Go to the movies.  I can finally see some of the blockbusters that I have missed and also watch The Purge.
6.  Maybe I can do some adult things. (I’ll let your imagination run free with this one.)
7. Sleep. Yes, I would take advantage of the alone time and sleep.

Now, while the movie doesn’t deal with what fathers would do for one day, it deals with the country not governing themselves for one night.  A day where every thing illegal is legal, so think of the possibilities of things you can do. You can finally get even with that neighbor that gets on your nerves or steal that 90 inch television that you had your eye on.  Many things you can do and it’s all legal.

I, for one, am a little excited to see this movie and see how it turns out.  It looks suspenseful and hopefully, it’s a little gory.  Now, while we wait for the actual purge to begin, take the quiz below and try to win one of the Purge Packs that we are giving away.  One lucky reader will win a mask and a Purge T-shirt to show that you survived the night. Follow the directions on the rafflecopter and good luck.

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