Iron Man 3 Toy Reviews.

To celebrate the release of Iron Man 3, we here at Fandads would like to tell you about some cool toys we received from Hasbro to review.  Just by looking at the picture above, you can see the awesomeness that was sent to us.  Now, this is not a paid posts so the opinions are our own. 

About a week ago, I came home to find a large white box sitting in my hallway with a miniature version of the Iron Man 3 poster; you know the one with him in the Hall of Armors.  I got a little giddy about opening the box, but when my little girl saw the box she got super-excited and started saying, “Is that Iron Man? Can we open the box? Can I play with Iron Man?”

The box contained three items that I had chosen the previous week: The ARC FX Mission Mask, A pair of Assemblers figures and the Assemblers Battle Vehicle.  The first thing my little girl and I opened were the Assembler figures.  These are not your standard figures. The cool thing about these figures is that you can interchange their parts with other figures.  Don’t like the arm of your character, bam, change it with the arms of another character.  Think the weapon you’re holding isn’t cool enough, pow, take the weapon from another character and there you go.  Think of the endless possibilities that you can create with these figures. 

The one piece my little girl and I were excited to open was the Iron Man ARC FX Mission Mask.  This thing, according to her, was the coolest item in the box.  The mask fit myself a little snug, but was loose on her head.  After a few adjustments she was running around the living room shouting out “I’m Iron Man!”  The helmet is made of a nice sturdy plastic that even when it fell down a few times, it didn’t break apart or anything.  One thing that did happen was the paint was chipped off in a few places, but it actually made the helmet look battle worn and that was pretty cool.  The mask does shoot out a few projectile missiles and it launches them a good distance.  I would say to use common sense when shooting these at people, because it does hurt a little when you’re hit by one, I learned firsthand. 

The third toy that was in the box is Iron Man 3 Assemblers Battle Vehicle. This car comes with an Iron Man figure that is shot out into battle.  The car is pretty awesome, because it kind of looks like an Audi, but this car is built for action.  As you could have figured out in the title of this vehicle the items on it and the Iron Man figure are interchangeable.  Along with the other marvel toys out there, this one would make a great addition to your collection.

Out of all the toys, I would recommend the ARC FX Helmet over the Battle Vehicle. Why, because you can’t put the car on your face and pretend you’re Iron Man.  Also, the helmet can be a good costume idea come Halloween time.  Next, I would say look into the Assemblers figures.  Just buy three of them and you already have hundreds of possible figures to make.  All these toys are available at your local Toys r us and Target. So next time you’re walking down the toy aisle, give these a look and purchase one today.  

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