T-Shirt Thursday!

How do you start a new segment and miss it the following week?  Well, we here at Fandads are guilty of doing that, so to make up for our error we have two shirts to share with you today.  The first shirt we got through LootCrate and it was part of the June crate. Don’t know what LootCrate is?  Just click the link to go to their site and sign up to get a box of awesome sent to you every month.  Every now and then they have a surplus sale and maybe this shirt will be available again soon.

The second shirt we are sharing is from ShirtPunch and it combines two of our favorite things: Star Wars and The Walking Dead. This shirt is a great ode to Michonne and her pets which are here in robot form.  Unfortunately this shirt is not available anymore, but sign up for their daily e-mails to see the awesome shirts they have available that day and at $10 each, it’s a steal!

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