We’ve Only Just Begun!

Hello friends, Fandad Victor here and we just wanted to thank everyone that has been supporting us on the website for the past three years.  As you can see, we have been a little behind with posts, but we are hoping to alleviate that situation within the next few weeks. To try to keep us on task, we have hired a new assistant.  So far she’s been a great help answering phones, taking messages and it doesn’t hurt that she has her own laptop.

The past few months we have been asked to contribute or highlighted in a few dadblogs and it feels a little good to be acknowledged after working on this blog for three years.  Although we haven’t been posting as much stuff as we intend to do, we appreciate all the support and kudos from the other websites.  Now that summer is here we will have more time to play catch up and give you, our loyal readers, some fun stuff to read.

The phones here at the office just keeps ringing.

As we mentioned earlier, we have been on a few dad blogs and here is a quick run down on what we did.  I highly recommend checking all these blogs out.

Life of Dad – “30 Dads, 30 Days – Life of Dad ran a series through the month of June highlighting 30 dads in honor of Father’s day. Everyday a different dad was showcased and we just talked a little about ourselves, letting readers know who we are and what our blogs are about.  A lot of great dads are on there and I enjoyed reading the different answers to the same questions.  The only thing that I would change is my answer to the Disney World question.  I would wait until my little man is older so he could enjoy the trip and being there with his big sister.

Babble Voices – Night of the Living Dads section – “26 Fathers’ First Thoughts as New Fathers” – “What was the first thing you thought when you saw your child/children for the first time?” That was the question posed to us by the guys from How to Be a Dad and a few fathers shared their thoughts. What’s great about this piece is that the answers cross the entire spectrum, from serious to hysterical.
Daddyblogger.ca – One of my previous post was shared on the Canadian dad blog DaddyBlogger, (yep, we’ve gone international).  The post was about me losing my head a little because I was having a second child.  If you didn’t read it the first time that we posted it, why not take a virtual trip to our Northern neighbors and read my thoughts about having a second child.

Fathers, Work and Family – Another question posed to us dad bloggers was When your kids become adults, how do you want them to remember their childhoods with you?”  I thought this was a great question and I wanted to be a part of the group that answered it.  I remember that my childhood was full of great memories with my parents, but there were also some bad times.  Now, while I know I am not the perfect parent, but who is, I know that I want my children to remember their childhood in a positive light.  Check out what other fathers wrote and share with us your thoughts.

So, that has been a quick update with us here on Fandads.  We hope that as the year progresses we keep growing and bringing you content that you enjoy reading.

Thanks for reading,

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