Battroborg to The Death…or At Least Close to It.

On Thursday September 10th, a group of Chicago Dad Bloggers got together for one night of brutal and senseless violence….by settling the score at the #Battroborgs #gametruck event.  “What are BattroBorgs?” you may be asking.  Remember the old “Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots?  Do we got that image yet? Ok, now toss that image aside because BattroBorg is the next generation of fighting robots.

Whereas the old Rock ’em robots were held back by their handle that was located under the ring, the BattroBorgs are not tethered down to anything.  These guys are wireless and are moved by small nun chuck like handles that you punch and move to get your robot going.  The event that evening was for dadbloggers to “Settle the Score” that they might had had with other dad bloggers. (Obviously there was no real beef between dadbloggers, but the “trash” talking was a lot of fun to do.)

Another aspect of the night was the Gametruck that was parked next to our battle arena.  Now I think for my next birthday I would like to have one of these trucks show up to my party.  The Gametruck is loaded with flat screen televisions and each one is hooked up to a video game system.  They have the newest games for each system and you can sit down and just play the games relaxing on the leather recliners.

It was a fun night and great to finally meet some of the Dad bloggers that I have only talked to online.  All these guys were great and I can’t wait to do more events like this in the future.  Shout out to all the dads that were there:  Richard Owen of Chicago Dads Meetup GroupAl Watts of The National At-Home Dad Network, who battled it out with Bobblehead Dad,  The Rock FatherD.A.D- Dad All Day, Robert Duffer of Men, Marriage and Family GMP.  If I forgot anyone sorry, but if it upsets you, we can settle it at the next BattroBorg event.  

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