Fandads Join the #BigLeagueDads to see the Chicago Cubs.

On Sunday, September 22, Dove Men + Care and MLB invited a few Chicago Dad bloggers to see the Chicago Cubs take on the Atlanta Braves.  While it was not the outcome the Cubs faithful would have liked to have, it was a good day for families to make some memories out at the ballpark.

While I haven’t been to a Cubs game for a few years, it was fun to go with my family and enjoy the game in the warm Chicago sun.  At first we were nervous about how our little man would react in the crowds, but he was pretty chill throughout the game and only started getting fussy towards the end.  My little girl, on the other hand, enjoyed herself and wanted to return the following day to see the game again.

Me and the family enjoying the game.

Our view.
First baseball game with my kids.

Making some great memories.

Watching the DVR of the game and who do I see?

Again. we would like to thank Dove Man + Care and MLB for inviting us to the game.  Thank you to Jim Higley aka Bobblehead Dad for including us in this fantastic opportunity.  It was great hanging out with all the dads and their families and hopefully, we will find another event where we can all get together again soon.

This was all part of the “Big League Dads” campaign they have running on their site.  Also, enter the #BigLeagueDads Instagram Contest to be entered to win opening day tickets to your favorite team next season.

I would also like to give a special thanks to my friend Sarah P. who hooked up the dads and their families with some Chicago Cubs Swag.

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