Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Review and Giveaway

Earlier this year I confessed that I never played the Angry Bird games and that a Star Wars version came out and that had me a little intrigued.  Well, today I can say that I am addicted to the Star Wars version of the game and I got my little girl addicted to it also.  I just love being able to use my favorite Star Wars characters and destroy structures based on popular locations from the film.  The toys that have come out are another story.  While I haven’t bought as many of the sets that have come out, I have bought a few and they are pretty fun to build and destroy.

Now imagine playing with a set and importing the toy in your hand into the game on your tablet and using it to beat the level you are on.  If you think that this idea is crazy, well set your eyes on the new Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods.

Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods is the next level of the game where you can actually teleport your Angry Bird figures into the game and use them to help you on the level you are on. Don’t believe me, well take a look for yourself in the video below.

It did take us a few seconds to have it working properly, but once we got it down, my little girl and I were transporting our figures into different levels of the game.  Now, how does this work you may be asking?  There are new Angry Bird Star Wars sets out with a Telepod. These new figures have a QR code on the bottom that is magnified on the telepod that is placed directly over the camera of your tablet device. Once the camera reads this QR code, the figure is magically transported into the game.  Pretty cool right?

Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Figure Pack
Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Vehicle Pack – Death Star Trecnh Run
The two sets that we reviewed were the Figure pack and the Vehicle Pack pictured above.  The Figure pack retails for $5.99 and comes with two figures that you can teleport into your device.  The Vehicle Pack retails for $19.99 and there are two different sets to choose from, Endor Chase and Death Star Trench Run.  These sets come with a vehicle that can be pulled back and launched from a ramp to destroy the evil Pig Empire.  
While this set was pretty easy to build, the only problem was the launching off the ramp.  Sometimes the vehicle would veer to the right or the vehicle would lose steam before reaching the ramp that the take off wasn’t enough to destroy the structure.  It took about ten tries to get what you see in the video below, but I had to move the ramp closer to get the desired result.

This was my only gripe about the toy, so my little girl and I decided to forgo the ramp and just aim the vehicle at the set and see who could create the most damage.  This was a lot of fun for both of us, because we didn’t have the hassle of holding on to the ramp to make sure it didn’t move when the vehicle ran towards it.

What is great about these sets are that we are getting basically two toys for the price of one.  We get a physical toy and a digital toy for our Angry Birds Star Wars II app.

If you made it this far in the review we got a reward for you.  One lucky Fandad reader is going to win the same set that we reviewed to play at home with your little ones.  So follow the rafflecopter below and good luck.

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