Haunt You Forever

As you may or may not know, Vic and I used to work at Waldenbooks/Borders together, we’ve worked in the retail holiday trenches so that makes us thick as thieves or…something. Anyway, we’re both out of the “life” (thank God) but I recently was reminded about a book that haunted some of my late nights working at the store.

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. The story is sweet and all but I remember looking at some of the illustrations (Sheila McGraw) and they just creeped me out. I give you example A.

Why is she creeping on the kid! Look at that doll by the door! Mind you this was before I had kids, and yes I’ve watched my kids sleep but c’mon son! Then later on some creeping 2.0 happens.

So everyone’s a bit older, but why is she on her knees? I just don’t get it I guess. Here’s the last one, in all honesty, this book is worth checking out, a lot of people like it and it is a tearjerker. The sentiment is nice and all but I was probably just exposed to it at the wrong time. It’s funny (and/or ironic or coincidental I forget which) that my kids got it for a birthday or Christmas or some crap. Not sure I’ll ever read it to them though. Anyway I’ll leave you with this image…
Am I the only one? Really? Even the cat’s like “I’m outta here, this is creeping me the f out yo.” Anyway, you can buy this on Amazon if you wish. At your own risk.

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