Transformers Construct-Bots Review and Giveaway.

Imagine being able to have the power to create your very own Transformer.  What would you build? What would you name it?  Well, my friends, you don’t have to imagine that no more, because our friends at Hasbro have come out with a new line of Transformers that let you do just that.  Transformers Construct-Bots let you build your own Transformer and then use those pieces to combine with others to make something original.  The possibilities are endless or “more than meets the eye.” (Sorry, I had to go there.)

This is not a paid post.  Hasbro has provided Fandads with a few Transformers Construct-Bots to review and play with for this post.  Our review and opinions are our own.

I have been a huge Transformers fan since I was a young boy and I always wanted to hang out with them.  I wanted to drive around with them, get in some adventures and maybe help save the day, like Daniel did in the movie, except less whiney.

Fandads received a box of evil from Hasbro. In our box was Starscream and Soundwave.  I was excited to see Starscream, but when I saw Soundwave underneath him, I let out a “Yes!” and pumped my fist.  My little girl wondered what all the excitement was about and I showed her the figures and she just smiled and asked if we can make them.  It was a little late in the evening, so we just build Starscream, which was pretty simply and easy.  My little girl handed the pieces to me and was in awe as the Transformer came into shape.

Due to work and the holidays, we didn’t get to build Soundwave for awhile.  I decided to take the toys with us to Thanksgiving dinner and have my nephews play with the figures and construct their own.  The boys loved the figures and were asking me if I had more to play with at home.  Needless to say, the Construct-Bots were a big hit.

Building the Transformers.
The finished product.

Using the two sets we had, we combined them to build one awesome Decepticon and named him, SoundScream (I know, not that creative) but he looked awesome.

“Look out Autobots! Here comes SoundScream!”

The Construct-Bot line comes in three different styles: Scout, Elite and Triple Changer.  All sets are for age groups 6 and up and are available in stores now.  The sets vary in prices from $9.99 for the Scout set   up to $24.99 for the Triple Changer set.  The larger sets: Elite and Triple Changer, have re-sealable cases to store all the pieces of your figure when you are not using them.

While these figures are an awesome idea, I did have a few problems with the ball joints on Starscream.  While one leg was stiff the other leg was a little loose, due to the ball joint, which made it a little hard to stand up.  I think that with normal play, this might be a common issue.

If you read this far, thank you and you will be rewarded.  Hasbro is giving one of our lucky readers their own Transformer Construct-Bots Triple Changer Figure.  What do you have to do to win one?  Just fill out the form below and make sure you live in the U.S. to win.

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