Fandads team up with Dad and Mom Bloggers to support the next President of the USA #channing4prez

Ok, first of all, I know what you are all thinking, “What does this have to do with being a Fandad?”  It has everything to do with being a Fandad, this guy was in the G.I. Joe movies, the 21 Jump Street reboot and voiced Superman in The LEGO Movie

Let’s think about this choice for a moment and see what the Dad and Mom Bloggers aka DAM bloggers have to say about this.

Here is the official press release from the group.

DAM Bloggers (Dad and Mom Bloggers)  is a group of some of the most influential parenting bloggers in the country, with over 400 members and a combined reach well over 20,000,000 readers.
DAM Bloggers are parents, influencers and the people other American parents turn to for advice, tips and information.
With that in mind, the DAM Bloggers are voicing their opinions on the 2016 elections, hoping that you will get on board with our choice for the next president of the United States of America.
As a country, we have elected presidents based on intelligence, wealth and a number of other factors with little or no success.  The DAM Bloggers are tired of the traditional “ stuffed suits” in Washington and have decided to go with a candidate that knows how to fill a “suit” to perfection.  We have decided to pick our candidate based on looks.  Pure 100% perfection.  That’s it.
Join us in our support of Channing Tatum for president of the Unites States in 2016!
#Channing4prezis our efforts to get the “best man” into the White House and in front of the biggest stage in the world.  Channing Tatum for President.
Why Channing Tatum?
o   He looks amazing in a suit! Which gives him an upper hand on the foreign stage.  Other foreign leaders will immediately be intimidated by the force of manliness that is President Channing Tatum.
o   He knows how to deliver a line with perfection.  Face it, that’s 50% of the job.  Channing can “do” forceful, sad, thoughtful, intense and even smart, first take and with crystal clear perfection.
o   Forget Obamacare, All he has to do is remove his shirt and reveal that perfectly sculpted body and President Tatum, will inspire our leaders in Washington  as well as the rest of the country to get into shape.
o   World Peace?  World leaders won’t know what hit them when they hit the hottest party in DC, at the coolest house in the world.  One night hanging with President Tatum, problems will be solved and frowns turned upside down.
Forget grey haired old pontificators and career politicians.  Channing Tatum is the best looking choice to lead our great country into a new and much better looking future.

#channing4prez- Share it, Like it, Tweet it, Pin it and help us get Channing Tatum in the White House.

This guy belongs in the White House. I mean, he already knows his way around it due to White House Down.  Think of the cabinet he will form while in the White House.  He might have his co-stars from 21 Jump Street appointed to members of his cabinet.  Jonah Hill might be his second in command.

Think about how awesome the Inauguration Ball will be when the First Lady and him take their first dance.  It will be like watching a scene from Magic Mike or Step Up.

I hope you can get behind this choice that we are making and help us in supporting Channing Tatum for the 2016 elections.  If you would like to get on board help us out by sharing, liking, tweeting, and pinning as much as you can.  Also change your profile picture to the one shown below to show your support. 

Thanks in advance and thanks for reading. #channing4prez
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