Here’s where the fun begins! #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 8

What can I say? When Episode I came out I went a little overboard on the merchandise.  I had to get this shirt because it showcased most of the characters from The Phantom Menace.

One of the cool things to note was that while all of the characters are in a bluish-green tint, Darth Maul sticks out with his red face.

I’m not wearing this shirt in the picture because for some reason I bought it in an extra large. I don’t know what was going through my mind when I bought it, but I think I only wore it a few times and it was pretty loose on me.

Tomorrow we circle back to a familiar design in a different color…I think I gave too much away.

If you missed a day, see where it all started here and here’s the sneak peek that I hinted to earlier this week.

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.

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