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With Mother Nature giving us some strange weather lately and the movie “Into the Storm” coming out soon it got the Fandads to start thinking.  I mean, we are always talking about surviving a zombie apocalypse, but what about surviving a huge natural disaster?

To see how well prepared we are for this event, the Fandads posted this question to our followers and fellow bloggers:  If you were to have an emergency pack for an extreme weather event, what would be in it?

The Fandads have some ideas about what they would pack, but before we get to their answers, let’s look at the trailer for “Into the Storm” and read a little about the movie to get our minds in “survival mode”.

In theaters August 8 

Synopsis: INTO THE STORM is an action-packed thriller that plunges audiences directly into the destructive path of massive tornadoes, as told through the eyes and lenses of the people in its deadly path as they fight to survive nature at its most extreme. The film takes place in a single day, focusing on storm chasers running toward the vortex, as well as ordinary people facing extreme forces of Mother Nature. 

Now let’s see what our friends have to say.

E.P. tells us, “Flares, items for making homemade glow sticks, first aid kit, hand powered radio, drinking water.”

Jose says, “If this refers to cold, than normal Chicago winter attire works.”

Mark jokes, “My (PS) Vita.”

Jennifer from Boogies N Boo-Boos writes, “My emergency kit has a weather radio that doesn’t require batteries and has a flashlight.  I also have diapers, baby wipes, bottled water, extra clothes and shoes for everyone, snacks and ready to feed formula”

Christopher from tells us, “I’m actually a complete crackpot when it comes to having “safely measures” for my daughter.  Even have a first aid kit with butterfly stitches in there.  I have 2 kinds of wet wipes, pills for sterilizing damn, I’d survive a zombie apocalypse ha! But in general, the one thing that moves from my changing bag to my work bag, rucksack and running bag is my knife. Always have it on hand as you never know.”

Fandad Gil has a collection of survival books on hand that he will keep in his bag along with a few flashlights, swiss army knife and a compass with strike anywhere matches.

As for me, I think the most important thing to have will be a non-battery powered portable radio and flashlight.  A good survival knife and to have some of the people listed above in my group.

I hope that we are never in a situation like the one shown in the movie. I think the closest thing we get in Chicago is the crazy winters every now and then.  I feel the Fandads will be well prepared and will be willing to help a few of our friends if the situation ever came to be, but touch our action figure collection and we will kick you out.

Until next time, start getting your emergency kit ready and check out “Into the Storm” when it hit theaters this August 8th.

What would you have in your emergency disaster kit? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

This non-paid post was sponsored by Warner Bros. to help promote the upcoming movie “Into the Storm”.  All the views and opinions are our own.

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