There is Another! #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 7

Remember the first time you saw Darth Maul in the teaser trailer for The Phantom Menace and asked yourself, “Who is that?” Then you saw him holding a double lightsaber. Let me repeat that…he was holding a DOUBLE LIGHTSABER!!!  I mean that was never seen before.

Darth Maul looked menacing. The horns! The red skin! The bad teeth!  I would run away if I ever saw that guy in person.

Even though his role was cut short, no pun intended, he has continued to play a role in the animated Clone Wars Saga.  Maul was a pretty dope character and that fight scene with Obi-Wan was something that I watched on repeat when I got my copy of the movie.

This shirt does show the menacing look of Darth Maul, but the back is what really sells this shirt.

I mean just look at him.
Until tomorrow my friends, the shirts will be with you, always.

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