“The Force will be with you, always” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 30

So here we are at the final shirt and I decided to end it at the beginning of the prequel trilogy.  As you can tell from the shirt, I bought this at the first Star Wars Celebration in Denver.  This was a great time with one of my best friends, but it also a very

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“Together we will rule the world!” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 29

This was the first shirt I received through NerdBlock and I was floored by the design.  I remember thinking that Darth Vader with a scythe would be pretty cool to see on the big screen, but then I though about how easy a lightsaber would cut through it and then threw that idea out the window.

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“Freeze you rebel scum!” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 28

Leave it to a Stormtrooper to misfire and miss out on a day.  Well, that’s what happened…uh, yeah, that’s it.  Since Stormtroopers are clones, who knows how well their memory is by now.   This shirt is made by a company called Junk Food and I got this as a Christmas present last year from my

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“He’s no good to me dead” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 27

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, than this phrase looks somewhat familiar, but if you are a fan of Star Wars, you know that this phrase could only mean trouble for you. Here is another mash-up to introduce you to: Star Wars and Game of Thrones.  I would like to think that if

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“Utini!” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 26

The Jawas were good at hunting down defenseless droids that were running amuck in the desert, but how will they be hunting down mindless zombies? Will there short size and numbers help them out or will they be easy fodder for the zombies? I do not know know if we will get the answer, but

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“There is another” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 25

The weather in Chicago this weekend is going to be pretty sunny, so this Jedi master is prepared for the sunny days ahead, twofold. Could you imagine if Yoda actually wore these glasses in the Star Wars movies?  I think it would make his backward speech sound cooler, not that it isn’t already. This is

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“…the evil call of Boba! Bobaaa! Boba! BoBaaa!” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 24

How many of you were singing the title of the post as you read it? I told you he would show up again and this time Boba Fett has joined the forces of Cobra.  Cobraaaa! Maybe it’s the other way around and Cobra joined up with him.This shirt I purchased through LootCrate along with an

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“The Force is strong with this one” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 23

With a lot of focus going to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, today’s shirt focuses on one cause that is near to my heart: Stand Up 2 Cancer.This shirt was a gift to me from my brother-in-law after he attended a Chicago Cubs game that was handing them out to fans in attendance.  I was

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“Never tell me the odds!” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 22

Today’s shirt is for all my math nerds out there.  It doesn’t matter what mathematical operation you use to try to solve the formula, the answer will always be the same: Star Wars! I purchased this shirt through the Star Wars Shop, because I thought it was a great way to combine math with Star

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