“Together we will rule the world!” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 29

This was the first shirt I received through NerdBlock and I was floored by the design.  I remember thinking that Darth Vader with a scythe would be pretty cool to see on the big screen, but then I though about how easy a lightsaber would cut through it and then threw that idea out the window. […]

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“Freeze you rebel scum!” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 28

Leave it to a Stormtrooper to misfire and miss out on a day.  Well, that’s what happened…uh, yeah, that’s it.  Since Stormtroopers are clones, who knows how well their memory is by now.   This shirt is made by a company called Junk Food and I got this as a Christmas present last year from my

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“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 15

Oh, to be a student at Dark Side High.  I wonder what classes are offered there and what is the graduation rate? Today’s shirt is from a UK company called CHUNK that I purchased through the Star Wars store many years ago.  Hey, if Lucas can say “A long time ago, in a galaxy far,

“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 15 Read More »

Day 3 #30DaysofStarWarsShirts

Today’s shirt is from FreshJive.  The company was know for skate and surf related designs, but also for some of their controversial topics portrayed on their shirts.  I remember buying this at the Untitled Clothing store on Clark street years ago.  (For those not in the Chicagoland area that last sentence probably makes no sense.)

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