“…the evil call of Boba! Bobaaa! Boba! BoBaaa!” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 24

How many of you were singing the title of the post as you read it?

I told you he would show up again and this time Boba Fett has joined the forces of Cobra.  Cobraaaa! Maybe it’s the other way around and Cobra joined up with him.

This shirt I purchased through LootCrate along with an emo Boba Fett picture that I just had to have. I have mentioned before that mash-ups are a part of my collection and this one is a pretty good one.

The way the Cobra logo is incorporated into the helmet makes it look like it was meant to be there. I think if the Joes saw a helmet like this they might be intimidated…nah, who are we kidding.

The first picture is a little dark which dulls the color of the shirt, but the picture below shows you the familiar blue that we all associate with Cobra and their soldiers.  Could you imagine if Boba Fett was the leader instead of Cobra Commander? They would probably win a battle or two.

Have you been keeping tabs on the number of mash-ups or the number of times Boba Fett has popped up in the challenge?  Do you have a favorite shirt yet?  We are almost at the end and I still have a few more interesting shirts to post.
Thanks for reading. 
Sunday’s word is (Mandalorian)
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