“It appears that you are to be the main course” #30DaysofStarWarsShirts Day 12

Zed the Zombie approves of this shirt.

Who knew these lovable little furry creatures had a penchant for human flesh? Now imagine how different the Walking Dead would be if these were the zombies in that comic/show.  It would be adorable to see Rick and the crew dispose of these little guys. Ahh, mash-ups.

Today’s shirt was an exclusive GraphicLab tee included in the Halloween LootCrate last October.  This shirt combines two of my favorite things Star Wars (which you probably already knew) and The Walking Dead.

The cool thing about this shirt is the look of the Ewoks.  Just look at their cute little furry bodies and their huge dead eyes. It makes you unsure if you want to hug them or run away from them.

I get a lot of compliments about this shirt and I have met a few fellow Looters, the name for the LootCrate community, because of this shirt.  Usually they’ll see me and do a head nod or we take out our LootCrate ID cards and do the secret handshake. I’m just kidding there is no head nod.

The mash-up theme will pop up again in this challenge and so will this combination of Star Wars and the Walking Dead.

Quick note: Zed the Zombie was a gift to my little girl from my friend Elliot Serrano. If you want to know about all things geeky in the Chicagoland area catch him in his RedEye column Geek to Me.

Thanks for reading.

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